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Monday, 16 September 2013

The Magic of a White Feather

I will first ask if you have ever found a white feather? Did you wonder about it? Well, this account is about me finding a white feather. I was outside standing talking to a lady when I looked around behind me in the grass and there was a pretty white feather. I made a comment about it and the lady said, you have been visited by an angel. 

I had never heard anything like that in my life. Of course I had never found a white feather before either. And if I had, I might have picked it up because I have been known to save crow feathers and bluejay feathers and sometimes little grey feathers. Anyway, I did not pick the feather up, but after the lady left I went back to the lawn where it had been and picked it up and brought it inside. 

I was busy at the time so I put it in the kitchen. For some reason I felt like I needed to put it under something and on the cupboard was a cup from the car with coins in it. I placed the feather beneath the cup and went on with my day.

That night I got to thinking about the feather and went online to see what I could find out about feathers and finding them. On one of the first websites that I came across there was a picture of a feather very much like my feather. It was about five inches long, about and inch and half wide and the bottom of the feather was fluffy like it had rubbed up against something. The  top part of the feather was smooth. It was milky white. After reading about feathers and angels and messages from loved ones, I decided to take a picture of my feather.

Returning to the kitchen, my eyes fell on the black cup containing the coins, but underneath there was no feather. I actually picked the cup up and looked under in amazement. The feather had disappeared. For days I looked for the feather but I never found it and could not imagine how it could get out from under the heavy cup anyway. 

So that is my story about finding a white feather. If it was a message from an angel or confirming that an angel was present or  a loved one was present, I have yet to figure out a message meaning. I am hoping the feather will reappear or that I will somehow discover what I was supposed to learn from it.

I wonder about the feather. If it had not disappeared I might have explained it away as a bird feather, although I have not seen any white birds around. But the disappearance puzzles me. 

So, have you ever found a white feather? If so, please tell me your story. I am very interested in hearing from all white feather finders and what it meant to you. Also if anyone has found a white feather and had it disappear. 

Wish I had been able to take a picture and post it here but that was not to be I guess. 


  1. Today when we were at my in-laws house visiting my wife's parents, my wife said she had found a white feather in our fridge at home and thought that was weird and just left it there. She asked the kids and I if someone had put a feather in the fridge, we all said no. My mother in law told her that some other members of the family have been getting random feathers as well and it so my wife starting looking this stuff up on line and thought maybe it was her grandpa who has passed on. When we came home she went straight to the fridge and it was gone. She told me to look on line to see if anyone else's feather disappeared and that's how I found this blog.

  2. Thanks for writing. I hope others will share their experiences with white feathers. The thing I wonder about is why does the feather disappear? And why do some people get to keep the feathers? If anyone has an explanation please let us know. To me, the feather is a mystery completely and I would have so loved to have kept it at least. I have no idea why it arrived at the time it did. I was not in distress and cannot think of any family member or anyone else who might have left it.

  3. I found two white feathers over the past month and very carefully put each one in my pocket to bring home. When I went to retrieve each feather, it wasn't there! I have found quite a few white feathers over the past several months but only recently have they disappeared. I wish I knew why too.

  4. There must be a special message when they disappear. It is quite a mystery. I did not have a loved one pass at the time I had received my feather, so I am still baffled by it. Thanks so much for sharing. :-)

  5. Dear Carol,
    The exact same thing has just happened to me, which is how I found your blog!
    I picked up a few books yesterday, including one on angels. I have no idea why I chose it, as it is not a something I have ever really thought about. Well anyway, I'm half way through and keep seeing white feathers. I wanted to see if I could get a stronger sign and so I did some yoga and thanked the angels for a feather (as per the book), when I opened my eyes I immediately saw one straight ahead in my hedge outside - it was all I could see. I went out right away to get it, it was beautifully soft and fluffy. I thought to myself I must keep this as a reminder. I put it on the worktop and continued with my yoga. When I finished 10 minutes later, I got up to get the feather and it was gone!! It was literally above my head and now I've searched the whole room and I can't find it anywhere. Keep exploring...these things are fascinating :)

  6. Hi I just like to say I have had paranormal things happen to me since I was a kid. And as I went to my fridge I see a grey feather in there with white fluff at the bottom of it.l have been in a cicrle for nearly a year now and have had lots of things happening to me.